Photos in this section primarily represent fine arts intentionality and the documentation of lived experience, while a few cross over in nature from freelance photojournalism endeavors.


Spring Swarm

A series of photos documenting our hive splitting itself and the old queen initiating a swarm to move out of the old hive and find new accommodations. The urgency we felt in collecting the swarm before they flew from the tree above the hive and the fact that this was the second location of the swarm after a failed attempt to capture them in a different spot the night before, as well as the beauty of the configuration of the swarm inspired this series. 

Rainbows Around the House

This is a simple photo series inspired by hunting for rainbows with my preschooler and squealing with delight upon finding them in new places around the house depending on the time of day they are spotted.  


The Critter series are photos of dead animal displays in outdoor stores, museums, airports, etc. that I have photographically composed and treated with an "essence"--a dramatic and/or comical effect that intends to project them with the sort of character they might exude were they animated movie stars or featured in a society magazine editorial as celebrity portraits. 


These are selected photos from a series focused on examining the power of a tiara on the identity and aspirations of a small child.

Toddler Accumulations Series

The "Toddler Accumulations" series are images taken with my 3 year old's very low-resolution Playskool Camera. The images are compositions taken from "piles" of toys that she organizes on a daily basis and then pretends they are other things. For example, she might offer me a cupcake, take my hand and lead me to such a pile of toys as is depicted in this series. Each day I reorganize her toys in a way that makes sense to me; sets together, like objects together, etc. I do this because she enjoys reorganizing...or maybe de-organizing and making her own sense of which things should go together to become something else, and where in the house piles of her things should be displayed. 

Shade Series

In September/October 2016, I focused on an artistic inquiry of my lived experience. 
I was feeling pressure of my limitations of time and a desire to create.
After a frustrating farmyard tussle with the goats, 
I took our chicken guarding dog for a walk in the woods.
To help myself relax, I began contemplating my appreciation of shade.
The soft cooling sensation of shade and the smell of the woods on a warm day is beyond soothing.
Dapples of light upon the textures of the ground remind me of Renoir paintings.
The movement of the trees in a light breeze immerse me with my surroundings in a cast of millions;
individual branches, twigs, pine needles, leaves, 
creating compositions of sunlit shadows in the sway of a soft dance.
If I could give the world a small gift today, it would be the delight of the simple sensation of shade.
As most citizens of this era, rather than just enjoy the experience and let it be that,
I was inspired to reach for my phone and began to document compositions that touched my eye.

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